Pridmore Driving Miss Jeanette
Custom Work by Shipman Spectra Chrome


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Custom Work by Shipman Spectra Chrome
Removed and chromed numerous parts.
Powder coated car jack and put original 57 Chevy wheel in trunk
Installed power disc brake on front
Installed all new parts and lines on back brakes
Powder coated all brake hubs
Installed new power steering system with rack & pinon pump and steering box
Completely rebuilt front end
Installed new shocks
Installed new aluminum radiator-original 57 Chevy style
Installed new Vintage Air Cooling System with electric fan
Rebuilt hood hinges
Removed vacuum windshield wipers
Installed variable speed electric windshield wipers with windshield washer
Restored original glass windshield washer fluid container
Build electric pump for windshield washer pump
Replaced vent window glasses
Replaced sun visors and brackets
Replaced inside rear view mirror and bracket
Replaced all weather stripping on body, hood, doos, windows and trunk
Rebuilt all gauges
Installed new chrome 1-wire alternator
Powder coated alternator bracket
Rewired all dash and engine components
Installed new 4 channel stereo-original 57 Chevy style
Installed 4 new speakers
Installed new steering column using original steering wheel
Replaced steering column wiring
Added new 20oz aluminum radiator overflow tank
Replaced all 57 Chevy emblems
Replaced all steal plates-original 57 Chevy style
Installed new quartz clock-original 57 Chevy style
Installed 2 original horns
Rebuilt horn assembly in steering column
Installed electric windows on front doors
Installed outside rear view mirrors
Re-upholstered all interior and trunk
Installed new fuel sending unit
Installed new OEM speedometer
Converted manual seat to electric seat

Shipman Spectra Chrome
2131 Gault Ave N
Fort Payne, AL 35967